In 1930, during the height of the Great Depression, Russell Dages, Sr. set out to sell paint from the trunk of his car.  With a degree from Ahren’s Trade School and a few years of sales experience, Russell, Sr. began selling to contractors throughout the city of Louisville.  As his business grew, he purchased and moved to his first “unofficial” store – a house on Vine Street in Germantown.  Here he sold paint in the living room and did his office work in the kitchen.  He outgrew the house after a couple years and moved to his first “official” store at the corner of Barrett and Broadway.  During the 1937 Flood, fireman broke out the front windows of this location to get ladders to use in rescuing people from the rising flood waters.  The heroes left an I.O.U note, returning when the flood waters receded to pay their dues.

In 1939, after outgrowing the second location, he moved to a larger building on the corner of Preston and Broadway.  It was here that he saw the neighborhood development and growth potential in our city.


In the early 1950s, after graduating from the University of Notre Dame and serving in the Korean War, Russell Dages, Jr. joined the family business.  With a $20,000 loan, the father and son team, purchased four properties in Germantown, at the corner of East Oak and Schiller.  After demolishing the existing structures, they built a store large enough to house their growing business.  The original Dages Paint Company still resides at this location.


In 1994, Anne Dages, the fourth generation and first female of the Dages family, joined the family business.  After getting a business degree from the University of Dayton and spending a couple years in franchise development for both a regional and national chain, Anne decided she was committed not just to continuing the family business but to taking it to the next level.


Anne’s husband, David Nutt joined the business in 2001.  He brought with him a degree in Graphic Design and custom woodworking experience.  With a growing family at home, Anne knew that she needed David’s support to grow the business. They enjoyed working together, making a great husband and wife team.  Their customers came to appreciate the family business in the true sense of the word.

During this time, the Germantown neighborhood saw renewed growth and development.  The addition of Sojourn Community Church, for example, brought new energy and enthusiasm to the neighborhood. Soon the neighborhood was transformed to the hip, fun place that it is today – with many new shops, restaurants, and businesses.

Dages Hikes Point Store
Dages Germantown Store
Dages Middletown Store


With their children in school, Anne and David decided it was the right time to grow the business.  In 2016, Dages Paint Company not only remodeled the original store and added Benjamin Moore paint, but also purchased the two Hikes Point Paint & Wallpaper stores.  This combination made Dages Hikes Point Paint the oldest and largest independent paint store in Louisville.  The combination of the two stores united both companies’ decades-long commitment to quality products and unmatched customer service.  With over 130 years of combined operation, no other paint and wallpaper store in Louisville even comes close.

As of 2019, Anne and David’s children, the fifth generation, has continued to show an interest in the company, playing active roles with stocking, tinting, deliveries and managing social media.

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