“Elizabeth was very helpful in assisting me in the selection of colors for my home. It was obvious that she has a keen and sensitive eye for color. She carefully listened to my preferences and was extremely helpful when we made our final decisions regarding the color palette. I am very pleased with the outcome and would highly recommend her services.”

C.M. B.

“Ann from Hikes Point assisted me with a large Romabio order for a recent exterior Reno. I traveled from Cincinnati to Louisville as Hikes Point is the closest distribution for Romabio. She was fantastic to work with. During my project I was short a substantial amount (my brick is very rough and took a lot of paint) and good karma and Ann’s customer service came into play. Ann was heading from Louisville to Dayton Ohio that day and offered to bring me the remaining order. This is what keeps retail alive. With more and more brick and mortar stores closing and online taking over its business owners such as Ann that will continue to thrive. Thank you so much for everything!”

Jeremiah A.

“I was in the store a couple of days ago and Joan was very helpful to me. I changed my mind about a bedspread so I came back to rethink things. Elizabeth was there today and she too was extremely helpful. They also have excellent quality paint.”

Carla W.

“Best place in the city for paints and paint advice. Super helpful staff!”

Homer H.

“I have been a customer of Hikes Point Paint and Wallpaper for 12 years. All the staff at each of their stores are very experienced, friendly and professional. They have always been able to answer any technical questions and offer solutions to help me in my painting and wallpaper projects. I highly recommend their services.”

Dean T.

“I have a decorative painting business in New York and sometimes work on jobs in Louisville. I rely on Hikes Point Paint for all my materials. They are helpful and nice to work with, and if they don’t have what I need, which is rare, they will get it for me.”

R.G. G.

“Prices were fair and service was excellent!”

Carol W.

“They are awesome. The people that work there are very knowledgeable and helpful. The products they represent are very reliable and of high Quality. Their pricing is extremely reasonable. So how could you go wrong, you’d be working with Awesome, knowledgeable, helpful, reliable, Quality and extremely reasonable all under one roof. Oh yeah, 3 different locations.”

Elisio S.

“I love this paint store. I buy all my paint products from this store. They have top [of the] line products and the salesman are super helpful. I have been shopping here for 15-20 years and do not intend to go elsewhere.”

David B.

“This is a great store! The staff is all well trained and very knowledgeable. Excellent customer service.”

Joyce C.

“I’ve been using this store for my main paint supply needs for nearly 15 years. I can’t say enough about the friendly service, the knowledgeable staff, and the quality products I have purchased there. I have worked on commercial and residential projects, and always Hikes Point Paint and Wallpaper is my go-to place for all of my painting needs. They go above and beyond!”

Sabra Lynne C.

“Great, locally-owned stores with knowledgeable staff. Love that they carry Lockup Lead products and have good advice on dealing with lead paint. Best in town!”

John C.

“Hikes Point Paint has the best quality paints. I love the staff. They are so helpful!”

Julia C.

“Great place for interior design ideas and the things needed to make it happen. Friendly staff that shares their knowledge!”

Ron K.

“The guys are the best. Always willing to answer any questions, you may have. Thanks, you all.”

Judy W.

“I always receive great assistance & professional advice before each job I tackle. I recommend anyone in need advice & painting professionals to stop in. The interior designers on staff make sure you select the right color & the staff behind the counter makes sure you have the proper tools & paints.”

Theresa M.

“Great store! Excellent service! Went in for paint for a house I was flipping and had a problem with pet odor in the house. Not only did I get great advice on a color scheme for the house, but Anne also recommended a solution to spray on the floor to get rid of the odors! It worked and the house looks great!”

Rebecca A.

“They are so helpful and knowledgeable. Plus they are local.”

Chris M.

“Great customer relations!! The best paint I have ever used! I never know what paint to use in what room and their expertise is excellent! Definitely help with making all the right decisions!”

Susie A.

“Dages Paint Company is the absolute best! I’m no expert in painting, but when I bought my house a year and a half ago I painted pretty much every room. Anne Nutt and the rest of the crew are very knowledgeable when assisting in picking colors to meet your needs and guiding you in the right direction for other supplies you may need. The paint is absolutely amazing… it goes on easily and is a great consistency. I just painted my bedroom and didn’t even need a second coat! They are also wonderful in answering questions about any concerns regarding your projects. On top of all this, they couldn’t be friendlier. like family… which is just one of the amazing perks in supporting local businesses! I wouldn’t recommend any other place for any of your painting needs!”

Laura C.

“Wonderful customer service! Friendly and helpful staff! Very happy with the quality of the paint!”

Heather L.

“The measure of how well a company does is often a result of how it handles problems, not how well it does overall. Let’s face it: Benjamin Moore is exceptional paint. We went there because of the zero VOC paint, which is really evident in there being no smell at all once the paint dries and very minimal before. But we had a problem with the paint, which may have been partly our fault partly the paint. We really are not sure, but what we are sure of is that the store did EVERYTHING in their power to make it right for us. EVERYTHING, including the owner–Ann–coming to our home to make it right. And in the end that is exactly what a customer wants: for the product to work and for the company who makes it stand behind it.

Need paint? Buy it here. Yes BM costs more, but the paint is worth it. The customer service is worth it. The color selection is worth it. Your home and family deserve the zero VOCs and the quality paint, and your peace of mind deserves to work with people who are trustworthy, kind, and at the top of their business.”

Jacqueline Hope D.

“Great place, very nice and well informed. They know the product and are very helpful. Have been going there for years and plan to for years to come.”

Paul K.

“We have been custom at Hikes Point Paint for over 16 years. The excellent service and selection of high-quality products keep getting better and better.”

Margaret S.

“Professional yet neighborly customer service. Knowledge from the staff really helped me remove old carpet padding from my hardwood floors.”

Mimi J.

“Beautiful store with a huge selection- very personal and customized for your specifics needs- the paint is perfect!”

Elizabeth B.

“Wonderful service always!”

Lonnie G.

“They matched up the color of my 20-year-old deck for paint on the new section – perfect! And, it was the right amount to the brush stroke. Rain is already beading up after only one application, thanks, guys.”

M.E. B.

“Amazing locally owned business that truly listens to the customer and provides knowledgeable insights and advice. Great variety of paints, stains, wall coverings, tools and everything I need for my home improvement. Love this place and the friendly people!”

Jenny M.

“I couldn’t be more pleased with the colors I chose for my family room and kitchen. The staff at Daves Paint are always so helpful and personable when I’m ready to take on a new project. Thanks again!”

Karen S.

“They went out of there way to help me find the best possible solution for staining my outdoor wood and keeping the wood bees away. Thanks, Dages!”

Mimi J.

“Our contractor has worked with the Dages family for decades and still raves about their wonderful service!”

Tall G.

“Best east end paint store in Louisville. Huge selection and customer service are excellent!”

Elizabeth B.

“Highly recommend! Quality paint, outstanding customer service!”

Heather L.

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